Javascript Frameworks

Web developer has his own rights to choose the appropriate framework in order to develop rich web application. Which framework do you use. Now a days we have PrototypeJs, JQuery, Mootools and lot more.

Prototype javascript framework: Easy Ajax and DOM manipulation

Among different javascript framework, I like prototypejs a bit more. In my work, I use it frequently and love it.The dollar method is really a good shortcut for replacing document.getElementById and chainig action is superb.

a How to include prototypejs in your page.

  • Ajax

    Prototype has excellent support for Ajax. The following commands are useful:.

  • Json (Javascript Object Notation)

    * fast alternative to XML in Ajax requests

    Methods are available: Number#toJSON, String#toJSON, Array#toJSON, Hash#toJSON, Date#toJSON and Object.toJSON.

  • Classes and inheritance

a Alert: Sample ui-state-error style.